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Menyingkap Rahsia Kekayaan E-Dagang
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Why SawdaOnline.com

What is today's biggest problem?

Not enough time! Everyone is talking about it.

Everyone is worried about it, but until now, no one had a solution for it. Why are people out of time? They trade their time for dollars on a job. They need money, so they "sell" their time. They need more money, so they sell more time. Soon, they spend so much time working for money, they have too little time for everything else.

What is the solution? "Buying smarter, not cheaper."

Fortune magazine calls the New Millennium the "Age of the Consumer." And for good reason. With the advent of on-line shopping and the expansion of huge discount chains, prices for goods and service continue to drop, "saving" consumers billions of dollars every year.

But wait - are consumers really "saving" when they buy at discount? Or are they spending themselves into the poor house while the giant e-tailers and retailers are racking up record profits?


When you buy a $100 item at 40% discount, you don't "save" $40. You spend $60! When you take $60 from your net worth to buy a consumable, you not only lose the $60, you lose the ability to invest that $60 and grow more money over time. That's why consuming is such a drain on your net worth - consuming takes away from, rather than adds to, your bottom line.

Truth is, the vast majority of consumers will never build financial security because they've been conditioned by advertising to buy products and services that lose value overtime. Consumer-thinking spends money, which leads to diminished assets and diminished dreams.

The huge stores that sell consumers discounted products, on the other hand, are producers of wealth, racking up record profits for themselves and their shareholders. Producer-thinking invests money with the idea of making money and building equity, which are the keys to wealth creation.

Today, thanks to a paradigm-shattering concept called pro-sumer thinking, average people can enjoy the best of both worlds - they can produce wealth while they consume! That's why I say that pro-sumer thinking is "buying smarter, not cheaper."

Pro-sumers have more because they think like the store. If you owned a Wal-Mart, you wouldn't buy from K-Mart, would you? In effect, pro-sumers own their own "store" - My-Mart, I call it. Pro-sumers learn to buy from My-Mart and then teaches others to do the same, which enables them to create wealth while they spend. Pro-sumers are in business for themselves... but not by themselves.

It's a simple concept that is revolutionizing the way people buy and work. When you change your thinking and buying habits from short-term consumer thinking to long-term pro-sumer thinking, you can change your life.

Don't discount your dreams! Let's Do it !!!

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No. 9-1, Jalan Mahagoni 7/2, Bandar Baru Batang Kali,
44300 Batang Kali, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-6057 9144    H/P: 014-211 8112


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Black Seed Oil (30ml)
Black Seed Oil (30ml)
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